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fybabe [userpic]

popcorn pops!

November 17th, 2012 (01:09 am)

hmm... i thought i'd come in here and see a message that my account's dead or something.
coz it's been quite some time that i've been up here.

right, the osaka popcorn con!

with a name like popcorn and that funkywhatthehellwasthat song, i thought it would be another cheesy affair.
first of all, it's still cheesy at some parts BUT it's already the best arashi con i've been to in 3 years.
the set... erm... although quite an eyeful, was pretty well thought out^^
it's quite a visual treat. from digitalized fountains to balloon floats to more balloon tricks...

and the boys DANCED!
i mean, they danced also in the past years but they were more like half hearted attempts.
this time, they at least look kind of into it.^^
maybe they are at their mid-life crisis

the overall con was pretty enjoyable really^^
they sang super fresh!
one of my fav arashi song.

and junjunjun... so cute and so want to show-off~
his singing has improved!
what i mean is, he probably finally listened to himself singing after all these years and decided to become a DJ instead XD
his solo started with stripping... oh don't we all adore his white and semi-flabby torso!
he play acts with 2 jnr boys for quite some time, which i find a bit too long. i prefer him by himself.
then he attempts to sing and does this disco domyoji perf  with his funky backup dancers and he prances up the stairs to a very high-tech looking DJ console.
i admit i was impressed for the first 5 seconds. then i realized he only knows 3 tricks.
but he's very kakkoi la... at least now he knows his voice needs loads of digital work enhancements.^^
and i did say before how i adored him in short hair right? such a cute boy^^
too bad i missed his brown hair days~

i want to watch more shows, but darn, why are tickets so bloody expensive??!!

fybabe [userpic]


January 7th, 2012 (01:20 pm)

omg O.o...
i so blur, i bumped into them and i didn't know it was them... ORZ~~~

my shinkansen arrived at the nagoya station at 11.32am.
then i realized, shit, i forgot to print out my nagoya hotel info ><...
i can't really remember the name of the hotel... something like warawa hotel.
but i do remember it was near some exit at the nagoya eki ><...
so i went to the info counter to ask where is the warawa hotel.
but the info counter people say no such hotel in the whole of nagoya... WTF... i was thinking, have i been conned by rakuten??
ok, then the info people asked me to go to another info booth at the other end of the eki to ask...
so i dragged my luggage to the other info booth.
and this girl was smarter.
she said, maybe it's the flower hotel...
ah! really?? ><...
since i also donno wtf my hotel is called, warawa flower warawa flower... not so close... but it's organic XD
anyway, her english not so good and my japanese also sounds like english XD, she pointed me straight to the exit ahead "straight! straight!"
so i went out of the exit and still very blur coz i don't see no flower hotel... ><...
by then i was already feeling the desperation... coz i really need to dump my luggage somewhere or find an internet cafe to screw rakuten LOL
in my black face mode, i grabbed anyone who looked like a traffic police on the street to ask for directions.
the first police looking guy also gave me black face coz he speak and understand no english and was waving at me to get lost... wtf...
so i got even more frustrated and blacker face and went down the lane asking the other police next to him... then i realized they were holding a length of rope... and i was on the 'inside' of it LOL
then i was wondering if i should ask the guys in face masks strutting out of the door in front of me when i heard girls inside the eki station screaming "ninooooooooo!!!! arashi!!!!!~~~~~"
then i took another look at the police holding the rope glaring at me and the girls breaking into a run in the eki station...
then i realized i was the only civilian on this lane not with a face mask...
then i realized that the girls weren't allowed to get out of the station...
then i realized...
why are these guys in face masks???

so there i was, gawking in 61% frustration, 34% blank, 4% confusion, 1% 'is there a flu epidemic?' XD, holding a tourist map, asking the security guard next to the van where the f*** is this warawa or flower hotel while my boys got into it ORZ~~~

ok, i know, i should have asked jun for directions... to HIS hotel... room XD
but honestly, i was so focused at finding my bloody hotel at that moment that my brains didn't kind of register what i was seeing till the guys got into the van. * DIES *

i even calmly asked the same black faced guard where the f*** was this flower hotel again after the van drove off... ORZ~~~
and the hotel was just 10m away... and it's actually called fu ra wa hotel
not flower nor warawa

~end of story~

fybabe [userpic]

my 2nd orgasmic show XD

November 19th, 2011 (09:18 pm)

i'm actually back in shanghai *sobs*

i did make it for a second ah~ koya! show on thursday night...
it was so good that i started wallowing in depression coz i was going back to shanghai soon~
i was in no mood to update my journal T______________________T

it was a heavenly experience mainly coz of where i was seated <3
i'm sure i got the 2nd best seat in the world~~~ (the best seat still being the smack center first row seat ORZ)
coz i was at the corner seat, at the intersection of the 2 most important aisle (horizontal x vertical) in the theatre <33333
erm... to be exact, i begged selene to exchange her corner seat with me ORZ
and thus, his sexy highness passed by me all 4 times when he went off stage during the show <3333333333
check this out~

i was the red dot L18 ^^
jun's the purple highness walking down the line.

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fybabe [userpic]

i like to post in japan^^

November 15th, 2011 (12:03 pm)

i love to write, but it's so hard to post in cihna... wtf... by the time i get this post window to even pop up, my subject's balls shrink already LOL


i'm normally on weibo.
but, weibo, like twitter, only accepts 140 words or letters whatever...
that's really not enough to properly describe anything.
i'm so freaking long winded, you see.
getting old la~ can't help it~ ><

on weibo, it's only photo posting... which is also a problem... coz after like the 8th continuous pic i post, i get like blocked out of weibo for a day O.o

then if i write english, i get questioned by zealots why i don't write in cihnese O.o...
this question, i gotta ask my mom... actually my grandma...
why you swim to singapore in the first place?

so weibo is basically a fantastic lurk and dl place.
i really wish to write more.
hmm... i'd definitely write another report on the butai if i get another ticket for it.
btw, any extra tickets around??? m(_ _)m

fybabe [userpic]


November 14th, 2011 (10:32 pm)

i haven't been up LJ for some time and there are ads now in between my header pic and my posts!!!


is LJ BROKE???

even if the ad is in purple, it's an eyesore ><...

now how do i get rid of it?

fybabe [userpic]

あゝ、荒野!!!! ah~ jun!!!!!!!!!

November 14th, 2011 (10:28 pm)

yes! i'm in tokyo... again!!
and this time, for a damn good reason...
erm... i didn't have very high hopes for jun's butai before watching it today to be honest ><...

but today!!

i was completely blown away~~~

i SWEAR it's not just coz of his holy nakedness...
i mean, how many times can you rove your eyes about each muscle contour without getting crossed-eyed at one point?
if only he would take off his granny underwear... duh~
but those girls sitting the first row in the middle must be all pregnant now... dammit... i'm unfortunately out of the solar system in the 10th row compared to them >"<
he was sitting, lying on the bed in nothing but granny underwear with his legs slack open directly in front of those girls... T__________________T... WTF...

anyway, as i was saying, it wasn't only coz he was so freakin' KAKKOI, OOZING SEX FROM EVERY EXPOSED PORE, 90% NAKED 30% OF THE SHOW, FRINGE COMBED BACK WITH WIDOW'S PEAK FOREVER POINTING SOUTH, EYES LIKE ONYX ON FIRE, LIPS LIKE RIPE GRAPES XD... erm... i forgot what i wanted to say already O.o ORZ~

i really couldn't remember when i am last floored by any acting performance from jun.
this time, although there were still some tiny flaws, he truly shone.
it was such an superb performance!

i mean, he was really that character.
or maybe that character suited him.
his performance was emotional, intense and convincing. and he brought the audience along on his ride~
i was on the edge of my seat and holding my breath at a few points in the butai!
it was so unlike bakuya no valkyrie, where he was just a ball of nervous energy... albeit a damn cute one^^
this time, i could feel his confidence, and he completely took over the stage!

i thought he was unrivaled, even though he was surrounded by a top notch, stellar cast.
i could really feel the atmosphere coagulate around him when he is on stage O.o...
i mean, in valkyrie, sometimes, his aura gets absorbed by another actor with a greater presence.
this time, it was so clear who the lead in the play was... even though he wasn't the only 90% naked guy on stage XD

the other boxer character, acted by koide keisuke, also had alot of depth.
but i donno why, even though he had more lines to speak, and was a very miserable, pitiable character - i did feel sorry for him in the end, but personally, i didn't think he made the role sparkle as much O.o...
or maybe he's in a mental siesta coz i watched the 1.30pm show XD
nino would easily make the role... erm... but not the boxer part XD... ping pong maybe LOL

overall, definitely the best produced butai i've seen in japan. (i've only seen johnny boys' butai btw >///<)

arrr~~~ i need to watch another show!
wish me luck on getting another ticket!!! m(_ _)m

fybabe [userpic]

beautiful world review^^

July 4th, 2011 (07:21 pm)

rock this - catchy... but is anyone sick of sho's marbles-in-mouth-rap yet???
mada minu sekai - bleah
love rainbow - last year's song
always - catchy aiba and jun should just stick to background vocals orz...
shake it! - the worst song in this whole album
niji no kagera - bleah
dear snow - bleah
hung up on - for some reason, ohno's solos sound the same all the time O.o... or issit just me?
joy - bleah
nino's solo - such a lovely song that it makes up for all the $ i spent on this album^^
i listen to it when i walk to work
i listen to it when i get off work
i listen to it when i play game
i listen to it in the shower
i listen to it in the taxi
maybe by con time i will puke when i hear it XD
anyway, based on this song alone, i think nino's the best singer in arashi, if not the whole of johnny's^^
negai - so-so
lotus - monster part II
aiba's solo - the worst song in this whole album... actually i can't tell which is worse, jun's or aiba's ><
morning light - house wannabe
to be free - last year's song
ko no mama moto - slightly better than aiba and jun's solos
hatenai sora - last yr's song
last song - horrible

overall, i think nino saved the album LOL

btw, this is how much i adore nino's solo^^
the sad thing is that i still have to listen to the others so i know what they are singing in the con ORZ~~~

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au i love you!!!

June 27th, 2011 (10:01 pm)

i was not supposed to go the au building today... ><...
but how can any rabid arashi fan miss this for chrissake??? LOL

o my gorgeous boys on the booth O.o...

thus my love poem to au:

motto motto pics!!Collapse )

fybabe [userpic]

sensei! i need private lessons!!!

June 25th, 2011 (02:04 am)


i mean, not only is jun not in neon, spandex nor sunglasses, neither is any of the other boys in feathers or imitating an LED screen either O.o

i think it's time to buy lottery... XD

i already knew i would love the show the second i saw jun walk in^^

what a charming young man in simple, deep purple coloured t-shirt + black pants that didn't look like they strangled his balls + regular black sneakers!
and he didn't fly in on wires... neither is he accompanied by a waterfall <3
the other boys were also in smart, simple, casual clothes... ah~ they decided to get in touch with their human sides after all this while XD

geez... did they finally wake up to realize that it's their personalities that dazzle us, and not spandex & pvc? ^^
besides saving on carbon footprint and looking more eco-friendly? XD

anyway, i'm not gonna write a full review... as usual... just bits and pieces here and there that caught my fancy~

oh jun baby, if you really become my teacher, i gonna flunk all my tests XD
i don't think i was listening much... as the visual - gorgeous long eye-lashes, boyish short perfect hair, sexy lips, nice body nice clothes didn't quite match what you were saying... something about energy saving...
but i did remember 'happiness = 9 secs of hair dryer with 5 boys attached' ^^
in all honesty, i don't need all 5 boys, just jun... even if my hair dryer only works 2 secs it's ok... baby, we could stay wet together XD

i thought the show would only last 90min, but it lasted like 2.5hrs or so~
the boys even did one song... i must say, i don't care much about the song, but it's such a pleasure to SEE them sing like human beings for a change^^
sometimes in concerts, i feel their clothes are designed to distract us from their voices XD

my fav segments are nino's doki doki as i think it is very kind of him to share his heart with us^^
+ jun's cycling course for obvious reasons, and of course he is very smart to get all the boys drip in sweat for us XD
+ seeing jun wipe my toilet seat^^
+ watching each boy propose to jun XD

next i like sho's donno-what-he's-trying-to-convey segment, as it reminds me of T no arashi^^
then i like ohno's segment as he manages to make me raise my arms.

aiba's segment is bimyou~ so fake... i think he over-acted with the pigs.
if he really feels so sorry for the pigs he wouldn't be making cuisines out of their dead bodies.
anyway, i didn't get the point.

overall, it was an entertaining evening. i had never felt so at home with the boys^^ like watching tv XD
i'd be watching tmr and sunday night shows too.
hope it's not the same things over and over again ORZ~

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o doc, you've been a bad boy!

June 13th, 2011 (01:43 am)

playing with your friend's phone again today?
awwww... but so cute so cute so cute so cute~~~

obviously, my big boy is back in beijing filming, ie. after his ex co-star's wedding party that occured early this wk in shanghai.

so good that i'd have 2 dramas of his to watch hopefully before the end of this year.
(the whole drama is fully produced first, then sold to tv stations in china... unlike japanese dramas)

i read somewhere that 倾世皇妃 will be airing one day after jun's bday *yeah!*
and his doc drama should complete shooting in the next few months.

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